Chappo Chats Volume 3

Coming 'atcha with the 3rd installment of Chappo Chats...where y'all ask all the things, and I answer in a V E R Y untimely fashion....yeesh, my bad on the delay this go around! Without further ado...let's tackle 'em!

Do you Have a Housekeeper?

We do...she's phenomenal! Lupe and her crew come once a week and are incredibly hardworking, reliable, and trustworthy. Her contact info if you're in the Indy area is her know you're a reader of mine.

Do you have a management agency? How do you decide on your partnerships?

I do have an agency that I signed on with about two years ago and I'm not quite sure what took me so long to do so other than fear of relinquishing control because they are A M A Z I N G plain and simple. Listen, negotiating contracts and the back and forth that comes with collabs ain't my strong suit so my agency is a crucial part of the s + s team. Most of the time the partnerships come in an organic way (ie: I use the item/product, tag them, then a partnership flourishes from there) OR my team or my inbox is approached with an opportunity and if I am not IMMEDIATELY excited about trying the product (which I ALWAYS do prior to accepting the collaboration) then I'll pass. I just know if I'm not stoked right out of the gate, I won't be stoked sharing it with you all and that wont fly for me. I pride myself on sharing what I love, loved, wishlist, use, used, hope to use, etc with you all and quite frankly....I respect this community entirely too much to share something inauthentically. In my opinion, it's one of the fastest ways to tank in this industry.

Do you take off all those bracelets every night? What about at the beach or pool?

I don't know why this question made me chuckle...but funny enough, I've gotten it more than once. And YES, I take them off the minute I get home almost as enthusiastically as I take my bra off. I've been collecting my ROXANNE ASSOULIN for goodness at least 4+ years so I've got quite a few which I love to pile on...I joke they'll be up to my armpits before long....but like any accessory, they come off once I'm in my cozies at home. And while I'm PRETTTTTY sure they're not made for the water...I don't give a hoot and wear them in the ocean and pool...I find the chips (if any) give them character.

Who is the Professional Organizer you use?

My girlfriend Milissa with KEEP IT NEAT INDY is A M A Z I N G. A mother of five, that woman was wired to organize. She'll shoot ya straight, nothing and I mean NOTHING shocks her, zero judgment zone, and her team of lovely women like you and me are there to W E R K and churn out a beautifully organized optimally functioning's a total treat when she comes to my house which she does about twice/year.

Green YSL bag link please and thank you.

This B A G has proven to pretty much go with E V E R Y T H I N G.....especially this season's ever so popular pastels! I love it so!

Love your size recs...but HEIGHT? Pants are such an issue.

Good...I'm glad it's helpful. My size for your reference is pretty much 4/small across the board (some bottoms are MED)....jeans fluctuate between 27/28, shoes 8.5/39.....and my height is 5'7".

ATHENA razor discount code.

I'm glad this was asked so I can share once again how I landed on ATHENA. As you may recall I found a razor I used and loved for over a year....sometime during the summer last year I noticed the quality declined for me. I was having to switch my blade every other shave because the charcoal strip was getting so gooey and bumpy and therefore my shave wasn't as close. I polled you all on stories and an overwhelming number of y'all recommended ATHENA (code BETH20). Gave it a shot, loved it, got it for the girls, partnered up with them...and been on the ATHENA train ever since....try the shaving cream's good!

Link for your black long sleeve AMAZON bodysuit.

Hands down one of my fave bodysuits.....this AMAZON bodysuit in all the shapes. I have the tshirt and turtleneck--I order a size SMALL and you simply can't beat the price!

Luggage from CABO.

Yet another AMAZON win....I've traveled with this 3 pc set ($199) on several trips and love--lots of fun colors. Here's the deal, luggage gets beat up so why not snag an affordable set?

Do you take COLLAGEN morning and night or double up in one dose?

Double up....I just shoot it in a kid's medicine cup and be done with it for the day. Been taking THIS for over a year and I swear it's played a huge role in my hair growth and texture/softness.

Did you receive a lot of emails for the position you're hiring for?

I did yes and a huge thank you to all of those who submitted their resumes...quite impressive bunch! Funny enough we just interviewed our final two candidates and will be extending an offer today.

Hair product you use for your slick back do?

Here lately I've been using THIS hair oil or THIS hair oil...followed by THIS hair spray. I also love THIS smoothing serum for a more wet look.

What should I wear to a July beach wedding in Florida?

It will be H U M I D. Just be prepared and plan your hair accordingly...I'd slick that shit back if I was you. We got married in my parent's back yard in July and while not crazy hot ( i mean it was upper 80s) could cut the humidity with a knife. So I would go with a flowy maxi vibe that can allow your under carriage to breathe and not show sweat.....THIS DRESS is absolute perfection, THIS FLOWY number is equal parts show stopping and flowy, I brought THIS DRESS to cabo but didn't end up would be perfect as well.....loving this printed SLIP DRESS with slick back hair, turquoise or yellow earrings and a white blazer over your shoulders should there be a nice ocean breeze. Enjoy!

Home Tour! Your style is so amazing and unique!

Oh well thank you very very much!! I appreciate that. My biggest thing with our home is we want it airy and inviting with our personalities infused throughout....we want our guests to feel cozy and cheery when they're here. I've yet to do a video tour....maybe one day...but I just posted up a BLOG POST that showcases much of the home and answers your most commonly asked questions about it.

Alright Gang...I hope your enjoyed the third installment of Chappo Chats...I'll try to do the 4th post in a more timely fashion...have a wonderful day!

ps: thank you sincerely for all the beautiful bday wishes…..what a way to make a gal feel special!


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