No Shop August’s Cheat-Worthy Finds

You know the old saying, “cheaters never prosper,” and in most cases this is true…but in my case and in the case of my “no shop August,” this cheater prospered JUST a bit. Yes, I admit…I caved…but hey, I did spend a heck of a lot less this month and even Johnny gave the two thumbs up, which is a feat in and of itself! And while this may spell defeat for many of you, I consider it a win for a gal whose job is largely centered around shopping. If y'all recall I chose to Shop My Closet this month by creating a CAPSULE COLLECTION and found the challenge to be a very welcome, much needed, and eye opening sparked my creative juices, minimized excessiveness, and saved some cheddar. With the Holidays here before we know it, I thought there was no better time to just chill on the "add to cart." Let's not kid ourselves, I will be picking up where I left off, but in a more edited mindful fashion. I think my fave part of the whole process was NOT HAVING TO UNBOX on the UPS guy probably thinks I've fallen ill. PS: If you're looking to challenge yourself, my one bit of advice....SHARE IT WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN--fortunately I had y'all to hold me accountable...something about publicly proclaiming a goal helps keep my ass in gear--it's instant accountability!! Without further ado, here are the zingers that had me temporarily falling off the No Shopping Wagon:

These Reformation Trousers — can you blame me?

PINK PLEATS — if you don't have anything nice to say...

Damnit, I got the varsity cardigan

I wear these every day on my I justified snagging it in a few more colors

Ditto…I wear these every day for walks/workouts

A bit more of an impulsive purchase...had a blackout moment on ride home from tennis tourney

And I did add a few goodies to the beauty arsenal which I'll justify by saying it isn't a cheat since housed in the bathroom but in the spirit of transparency, some other noteworthy mentions:

This SLEEPING FACIAL...I'm L O V I N G this line.

Ordered a SECOND SET of this minimal makeup line so I can keep another batch in my makeup bag/office for shoots....super impressed.

While I plan to incorporate this “less is more” lifestyle when it comes to shopping, I am looking forward to feeling a bit less guilt when secretly adding to my shopping cart next month. So now that i’ve come clean, I can’t wait to share more great finds with all of you! Xx — Beth


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