Chappo Chats Volume 4

Well here we are, Gang, with our 4th installment of Chappo Chats on the N E W site…..I’m absolutely loving this new setup…I hope y’all are too! Let’s get into it….

Wait, did you get rid of S E E R S U C K E R?

Well yes…and no. So YES, I did do a full site rebranding and graduated to Beth Chappo, after ten years, I felt it was time and seersucker will ALWAYS hold a special spot…..B U T my company is and will forever be under the s e e r s u c k e r umbrella…clear as mud? I’ll still be incorporating seersucker elements such as a SEERSUCKER’D series where I share must have goodies…..and to the gals that asked if they can still refer to me as ‘seersucker’….A B S O L U T E L Y.

Love your hair anyway you wear it, any plans to cut it short again?

Thank you! Honestly, if and when I cut my hair it won’t be planned and will be on a total whim and wild hair….no pun. Do I miss it, sure. But man there is nothing easier and more pulled together than a quick slick back pony. My hair is the longest it’s been in 10 years….will probably grow it a little bit longer for kicks.

Does Dudie have any colleges on her radar yet?

She has A R E A S on her radar. She’s a total Northeastern kinda gal at heart whereas Cam has dreams of ending up in Florida or California. I can totally see Chase ending up in Connecticut, Pennsylvania….really anywhere on the East Coast. She’s currently taking college prep courses at CLASS 101 in Carmel and we’ll start touring campuses in the Spring of 2023…although Hoosier Johnny has an IU trip planned for us this fall.

What Activities is Calvin doing or you hope to do?

He’s currently doing Karate and L O V E S it. His school is awesome and has integrated programs you can do during the school week so we also have him in Gymnastics. He turns 5 in October so we’ll start entertaining one of the following…, basketball, swimming, tennis, OR soccer….man how in the heck is he almost F I V E ???

Top 5 Nordstrom Sale Items Still in Stock

I’m glad you asked as there are still some solids avail. These HEELS, this PUFF, these JEANS, the best BROWS, and these SWEATS…oh and for good measure, this SLIP DRESS.

Are you not working out with Mark anymore?

I shared on stories a while back but in case you missed it……..Because of the two bulged discs in my back, I had to press pause and pivot from my dearest and oh so creative MMF workouts. It was quite disappointing, humbling, and a let down quite frankly to accept I needed to slow down a bit. I’ve since been rehabbing my back on the reformer with Molly whom I’ve worked out with at Solidcore back in the day. I certainly miss my Mark workouts very much but I needed to majorly slow down and treat my back with kid gloves…Molly has helped me appreciate the slower pace…. and emphasis on progressive strength training—it’s been a surprisingly welcome challenge.

Need Outfit Ideas for Summer Concerts.

Assuming it’ll be toasty outside, I love the idea of a light and airy dress…..a MINI or a flowy MAXI with SNEAKS feels effortless and weather appropriate and you’ll still feel pulled together by night’s end.

What’s the foot peel you rave about?

T H I S. Just know it’s fugly before it’s smooth….worth the molting like a snake.

Alright, Gang….gotta call it a night!! Thank you all for the positive feedback regarding the new site…I’m very excited to load ‘er up with all kinds of fun content…..cheers to your evening!


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