The Be Mine Candy Board

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I have turned the highly requested s’more-gasboard into the candy board of my children’s (and my) dreams. Here are the short and sweet steps to create a candy board of your very own!

  1. Find your board of choice - I used this bamboo board with red details from Walmart but you can get creative. Here are some other great options:

  2. Next, gather all the cavity inducing pink and red candy you can find! The key is to curate a good variety of textures, sizes, sweet + sour, etc. Here were some of our favorites:

    • Swedish Fish

    • Hershey Kisses

    • Jelly Beans

    • Cotton Candy

    • Nerds Rope Valentine’s Day edition

    • Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel

    • Jolly Rancher Valentine’s hearts

    • Frosted Circus cookies

    • Dove Chocolate

    • Raspberry Kit Kat

  3. Once you’ve gathered your ideal candy selection, its time to assemble your board. I typically try to include a few small ramekins on the board to hold smaller pieces and give the board a bit of interest. Use these dishes as your starting point, then build around using the other various candies. Don’t be afraid to get creative — tie ropes and Twizzlers in knots, unwrap and stack chocolates, you name it!

    Now on to the best part — pour you and your plus one a glass of wine, surprise your kiddos after school, or take to your Galentine’s Day event and enjoy the sweet and delicious “fruits” of your labor with your loved ones. Sweet tooth = satisfied!

You can find all items shown by visiting my LTK storefront or shopping the post below!


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